Japanski & fusion restoran

During the first 15 years of our successful business we were recognized as leading Japanese & fusion restaurant in the region. The business tradition and high standards of work resulted in winning numerous awards and led us to opening of our second Takenoko restaurant - this time in one of the most popular Mediterranean tourist destinations – the beautiful City of Dubrovnik.

Takenoko Dubrovnik has settled in front of the impressive City Walls. A designer interior combined with a beautiful terrace overlooking the Old city's harbor and the island of Lokrum makes it an exceptional place to be.

Our chef Mario Starman, a well known name in Croatian culinary scene, created new and improved menu which truly represents Japanese and Mediterranean fusion cuisine.


In addition to being big fans of Japanese cuisine, our guests are fans of high level cuisine, exotic and interesting meals that reflect luxury and exclusivity and provide an exceptional dining experience.